Wednesday, September 28, 2011

WIP - Storyboard draft part1

Storyboard, draft one.
I haven't got the ending part worked out yet...but the final shot is set.

Work in progress

WIP - Concept Design (Color)

1. Concept design for the final shot: candy girl sitting on statue/shadow man's shoulder. (At dawn)

2. Concept design for "market"/"street", where candy girl meets all the shadow people/gods. (Night)

Work in progress.
Picture ratio: 1280px X 720px (same as final animation ratio)

WIP - 3D Modeling for Candy Girl

Candy girl in 3D!!!

Modeling, Rigging & Texturing/Lighting by Claire Chen
Work in progress.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Inspiration for my final shot

The final shot for my animation, will be Candy girl sitting on God statue's shoulder, and they look down together, at the entire city.
Lately I've been collecting photos that inspires me, and I found this very interesting artist:

On top of the world: Daring photographer scales sky-high buildings to take stomach-churning shots of the Earth below 

Meet the real-life sky walker - the photographer who risks his life scaling sky-high buildings to take incredible photos of the world below.
Russian student Marat Dupri, 19, bought a Canon camera 18 months ago and immediately decided to start taking shots of beautiful views.
He began climbing onto the roofs of houses to capture spectacular views from the air, before deciding to go to even greater heights.
Together with his fearless friends and models, he has sneaked past guards at some of Moscow's tallest structures - to produce incredible yet stomach-churning images.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Inspiration: Moon - Solo Dance by Yang LiPing

Moon - Solo Dance by Yang LiPing

Yang LiPing is a famous Chinese dancer and director. I have been admiring her performance for a long time. Her dance imitates animals like peacock, lark birds or plants like trees.

I love this performance, Moon, because it's a simple silhouette setting, so we can only focus on LiPing's body language, and it's just amazing.

This dancing video contains the mood I want for my animated short film – lonely, beautiful, a little sad and a little weird.

Plus, this music she chose to dance with, also gave me some inspiration. For my thesis scene setting, I plan to use Chinese traditional instruments to compose my music, and this video gives me a lot of options.

Another dancing performance of Yang LiPing's:

Chinese Peacock Dance

Thursday, September 1, 2011

First character sketch

Candy girl:

References: different kinds of candy, texture, material.
Body: Corn candy

Arm & Leg:

Possibilities for eyes:

Primary ideas and inspirations of my thesis

Claire's Thesis:
3D Animation short film;
one minute long;
idea: Candy girl lost her eye, and she spends a lot of time trying to find it. Story begins...

Color & rendering style inspirations --
Illustration by Chinese artist Ji Di :

I love her color pallet, and mood setting.

Inspiration for designing character -- different types of candy!! And Stitch: