Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Inspiration for my final shot

The final shot for my animation, will be Candy girl sitting on God statue's shoulder, and they look down together, at the entire city.
Lately I've been collecting photos that inspires me, and I found this very interesting artist:

On top of the world: Daring photographer scales sky-high buildings to take stomach-churning shots of the Earth below 

Meet the real-life sky walker - the photographer who risks his life scaling sky-high buildings to take incredible photos of the world below.
Russian student Marat Dupri, 19, bought a Canon camera 18 months ago and immediately decided to start taking shots of beautiful views.
He began climbing onto the roofs of houses to capture spectacular views from the air, before deciding to go to even greater heights.
Together with his fearless friends and models, he has sneaked past guards at some of Moscow's tallest structures - to produce incredible yet stomach-churning images.

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